Learn to grow your savings without losing sleep.

At Apollo Academy we teach you how to invest in stocks. Eliminate the need for costly financial advisors. 100% online.

  • Self paced videos. One time payment. Lifetime access.
  • Unlike Youtube or books, access 1 to 1 Zoom coaching.
  • 7 hours to complete. Start investing better in under a week.
  • 3 pricing options available. Starting at £99.
    • "Whether you're just starting out or you already know the stock market, I would definitely recommend this"

      Saleh Bilal, Managing Director DGTL


    Forget 'Quick Buck' schemes. We teach Long Term investing.

    Across 10 video modules, Apollo Academy will teach you a framework called 'Quality Value' - discover what makes a great stock and learn to buy at the right price.

    Unlike quick trading, this framework maximizes returns whilst mimizing your tax payments, commissions and risk.

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    Access our videos and more

    • Downloadable valuation template: You'll learn what's typically hard to learn through books alone - how to value a company.
    • Application of technology for micro learning: Apollo Academy will send you 30 short investable business snapshot summaries to you via text or WhatsApp for a set period of time of 30 days.
    • Social cohort: Join an optional 5 person WhatsApp group to exchange ideas with fellow learners.
    • 1:1 Zoom calls with your instructor: Want some additional help? We're here to clarify any investing questions.
    • A 100% money-back guarantee offered in case you change your mind.

    You might be a good fit for Apollo Academy:

    • Beginner or Intermediate investors with 0-$500K of savings: Apollo Academy's instructor will show you a robust framework helping you avoid catastrophic mistakes. Whether you've invested before or not, utilize our content to refine your process.
    • University students: Our videos can help students learn effective business and investing principles that can serve them throughout their working lives.
    • This is not for individuals looking for a quick money 'scheme' - our philosophy is centered around sustainable patient investing.

    See what others have to say about Apollo Academy:

    Before Apollo: Investing feels like a mystery. Where to even start? It’s tough to know how many stocks you should own or when to sell. After Apollo: You’ll be able to implement a long term investment strategy that works for decades. See how some of our students have benefited:

    "Kapil summarises a vast amount of theory into bite size chunks that really resonated with me."

    Vikram Pappachan, Bloomberg LP

    "Personal finance can be overwhelming. Apollo Academy helped me break down my goals and turn them into measurable actions."

    Anna Nickerson, Student at
    Babson College

    "Extremely authentic in what he teaches."

    Saleh Bilal, Managing Director
    at DGTL

    A short letter from your instructor Kapil

    After graduating in Economics from the University of Manchester, I worked at a London based investment partnership Bourne Park Capital as an Investment Analyst.

    I found out that there's a big difference between investing on behalf of a company and for oneself. When trying to grow my own savings, it became clear that:

    • Books on investing never provided actual templates to value a business
    • YouTube & other platforms like Coursera didn’t offer 1:1 Zoom coaching or a community
    • CFA & MBA programs kept facing criticism for being outdated & overpriced
    • Pension funds in general generate a low return & many external funds charge high fees

    Investing independently can help anyone develop broader commercial skills if they are exposed to the right framework. Since March 2020, I implemented the framework that I teach at Apollo Academy.

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    How we transform the way you approach stocks

    Watch a full 20 minute module. Get a feel for our content at no cost

    Learn what factors drive stock returns over the long run.

    Your instructor discusses three important concepts:

    1. Return on Equity

    2. Management Strength

    3. Opportunity for reinvestment

    A hedgehog knows one idea but the fox knows many

    Learn to think like a fox

    Module 1: The power of compound interest in growing your savings (20 mins)

    • Understand what a quality business is
    • Understand why return on invested capital is the key to generate better returns
    • Why people lose money investing ? - how to avoid this

    Module 2: Why 'Quality Focused' investing is a better strategy for individuals (2 mins)

    • Learn why this strategy lowers risk

    Module 3: Learn how to use accounting to buy the best stocks (1 hrs)

    • Learn what to look for in a balance sheet, income statement & cash flow statement
    • Practical examples that don't require previous expertise: Simple hot dog stand followed by real companies like Dell and HP etc

    Module 4: Learn the difference between a good stock and a great one and how to find them (12 mins)

    • Identify great businesses using return on capital. We explain what this is
    • We discuss “The Gorilla On a Tricycle” framework to more easily identify the 3 pillars of a quality businesses
    • Learn what we mean by durable competitive advantage

    Module 5: Learn how to identify what makes a company survive over decades (1 hrs 30 mins)

    • A full breakdown of which industries contain great stocks
    • Real life case studies including Coca Cola, Costco and Brown Forman
    • Important Financial Ratios explained in a way that's useful in practice
    • Optional: downloadable game

    Module 6: Learn what questions to ask management (1 hrs)

    • Learn about the importance of company culture in determining the value of a stock
    • Learn what do the best management teams do and what to look for in them
    • Learn when to sell a stock?

    Module 7:How many stocks to own and how to reduce risk (2 hrs)

    • Learn the concept of Margin of Safety- a way to minimize risk
    • How to value a company using a discounted cash flow model with downloadable template
    • Explaining ‘Price to Earnings’, ‘Price to Book’ and why the DCF is better

    Module 8: Learn how to fully analyze a stock using two examples - McDonalds & Disney (35 mins)

    • How to tell whether they make a good stock or not?
    • What exactly makes them a ‘high quality’
    • How understanding these can help assess other modern companies

    Module 9: 10 powerful (free) research tools to identify amazing stocks (6 mins)

    • Save thousands of dollars and avoid expensive subscriptions using these tools

    Module 10: Going forward how to keep improving as an investor (30 mins)

    • Learn what checklists to use before buying a stock
    • Questions for a company’s management revisited
    • Learn to mitigate common psychological biases in order to have continued gains well into the future

    2021 is the perfect time to learn the Apollo Framework

    "To invest in 'Undervalued Quality' is a once in a cycle opportunity right now"

    Tobias Carlisle (March 2021), Professional Investor